Introduction of Honke Matsugane

Honke Matsugane is not just the place for visitors to stop by to gather information about Iwakuni but it offers them a chance to experience the Japanese culture like Sushi, Sake and Tatami mat.
The building of Honke Matsugane is said to be constructed in about 1850. “Matsugane Hair Oil “ used to harden the Chonmage top-not worn by Samurai was produced and sold in this building.
That hair oil was so famous and popular that people in Kyoto knew about it.
In 2017 it was renewed and opened as an Iwakuni City Visitors Center with some features of a typical Japanese house in the mid-19th century.

Features of the inside structures

This center provides the visitors with the information on tourism of Iwakuni and nearby areas, and hands-on experience of Japanese life style.


The component of a typical Japanese-style guest room. It is a place where a hanging scroll, vase with arranged flowers or other pieces of artwork are displayed.

Sampling corner

Please enjoy sampling of local Sake and one-bite tasting of Iwakuni’s specialties(paid).


Transom openwork wooden screens above the sliding partitions between two rooms in a typical Japanese house. They function as ventilators,
decorations and lighting windows.


“Kendama” is a traditional Japanese toy for all ages
and now becomes very popular worldwide.
You can try and enjoy it free of charge in this center.

Display corner

An old wooden shelf once used as a bathroom locker and Other interesting items are displayed.