Guide available

【Open hours】09:00-17:00 *till 18:00 Apr.-Aug.
【Closed day】None


Equipped with a nursing room, a diaper changing table for babies/toddlers and a multipurpose toilet. Wheelchairs available, too.

To group visitors

Food samples for tasting may run out due to excess number of visitors. Receiving a prior notice of the arrival of group visitors will help us prepare enough samples for them. Please feel free to call us ahead of time.


Q: Is Iwakuni City the owner and operator of this building?

A: The building is owned by the city but its operation is entrusted to a Local Development Company.

Q: Is there a parking for this building and how much is it?

A: The building has no parking lot. Please use the Shimogawara riverbed parking about 100m away from here.
( Parking capacity: 300 cars. Seasonal parking fee may be charged.)

Q: Is it O.K. to just use the toilet?

A: It’s perfectly O.K.

Q: Is it O.K. to just rest here?

A: It’s perfectly O.K., too.

Q: Is it O.K. to bring a Bento (a packed lunch) and eat it in here?

A: Sorry, that’s not allowed here. Food and drink are not allowed to be brought in.

Q: Do you sell souvenirs here? Can I purchase some local specialties?

A: No sales here but we recommend nearby stores for you.

Q: Is this building visible from the Kintaikyo bridge? Is there any landmark near the building?

A: No. You can’t see this building from the Kintaikyo bridge, but there are signs posted in its vicinity.